Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Elder Backstrom Update 18th of May

I really dislike it when I get a keyboard that has sticky keys. It just makes writing so much slower and less comfortable.

Well, we had an exciting week! The Cordoba Argentina Temple was dedicated on Sunday, and we had the opportunity to participate in the dedication via satellite transmission. Elder Uchtdorf dedicated the temple; it was a very beautiful experience.

This week We ended up knocking some doors in what is one of the richer neighbourhoods in the city, a place we had never really gone before. We actually met a young man who is about 20 years old and studying to be a mechanical engineer named Samir who accepted the challenge to read the Book of Mormon to know if God really exists. Goes to show that God is preparing the hearts of people in all sorts of circumstances.

I'm not quite sure what else to tell. No pictures this week, maybe next week. have a good one... elder backstrom

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