Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Photos from El. Backstrom!

Alright, here we go, read, set...

yeah, that's right, this week is super many fotos week. because finally the computer has granted itself to recognize the usb.

In other notes, I've found a new passion: journal writing. this and past weeks for about the last three to six months I've been going much more journal keeping, and have enjoyed many new insights into the learning experiences I have that only come as I write them down. it's been quite phenomenal. Since 4 this week much didn't happen of too much note, I thought that I would mention that, since it has been something ongoing.

(Wow amigos se nota que estoy viejo en la misión- hoy abrí mi correo y tenia solo 6 correos, la mitad de los cuales eran informes de los oficinas... son pocos los que perseveran hasta el fin escribiéndome fielmente)

so, I am now going to put the photos here, however, they need to pass through the machine first and that takes a while...

so! dancing bear:

there are some zoo photos and some photos of my new and old hair cut and some other photos of things that are important like dulce de leche and pumas. sorry if they don't all arrive, it's not my fault.

Monday, October 12, 2015

El. Backstrom Does Not Like Holidays

Well, I've got double bad news- one, it's a holiday here, and that means that everything is less conveniente, and two, the computer does not read my camera, so all the rad photos that i had to send are going to be postergated one week more.

On that note, I'll write a fast weekly email. This week we had a very notable experience, when we encountered once more a former investigator that we had not seen for more or less a month and a half, and she told us of several difficulties that had occurred recently in her life that she felt were indications from God that she needed a change of pace and to focus more on her family. That was pretty cool.

a ver...

Well, we were going to make an asado today, but then everyone backed out and was like, "let's go to the zoo" so we're going to the zoo instead, which I am not super stoked on:
  1. because i'm hungry
  2. because it has been WAY COLD these last few days and today it's all of 13ºc outside
...  but whatever, zoo it shall be.

​Elder Backstrom

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General Conference

Well, everyone, it was conference weekend! which is very very exciting since conference is only once ever 6 months. I had a lovely time in general conference, the messages were very inspiring and I found that one of the strong themes, "keep the Commandments", was very beneficial and relevant.

This week was also transfer week. Nothing happened o sea, we both stay where we are.

But back to conference! Two less active families came to different sessions of conference. That was really great!

Also, I personally got a lot out of the conference. My favorite talk, I believe, was Elder Bednar's closing talk, when he talked about the teachings of President Faust, President Hinckley, Elder Wirthlin, Elder Perry, President Packer and Elder Scott. I think it really is true, that the older these wise men grow, the more solid and valuable their teachings become- as Elder Bednar put it, the learning of a lifetime as a servant of God. That strength of testimony was particularly evident to me in President Monson's priesthood session talk, "keep the commandments". He spoke directly and powerfully of the importance of keeping the commandments- something so simple, but so essential for our eternal well-being...

I was very grateful for all of the teaching imparted in the conference especially since in that same moment I decided to put some goals for my life- and many of the talks imparted valuable wisdom for a wise way to live and apply the gospel to make it work in my life.

Moving on from the conference, this week I learned that Elder Sims, (serving in the Uruguay Montevideo mission) went home because of a concussion- and so, that leaves only elder Harris and I as still in the mission from our small 5-person MTC group. of course in different missions, he is in Bahia Blanca, but we end the same time. Still, I felt a little sad since elder Sims has been sending me his weekly email for a long time now, and vice versa, and now he is home... However, there is not more than to continue on.

hmm, well, I have to go, since I still have to go to the bank today for the rent, but, in this email I left you all a photo of.. Peanuts! I love peanuts. guess how long that little bowl lasted me. less than a week.

AH! yes, almost forgot. this week I did two exchanges with rodeo del medio and colonia bombal, the two other areas in the district. colonia bombal is a very rural zone, with lots of agriculture (and ironically the richest people in the province- agriculture pays way good here, but there is like a mental block for the people from doing it.) rodeo is more centro. but they were cool experiences (in colonia bombal I was with elder Debono, from Australia... it was super funny to tell people that they had got the only two English-speakers in the whole mission who are not from the states!) and in rodeo I was with elder Bravo, who is brand new and from Buenos Aires.

alright, later- have a good week all-
Elder Backstrom

Weekly Email from South American Man

So, hello all of my correspondents!

I write you briefly today but with good reason! There is a holiday this day in Argentina (day of the commercial employee) and, as the name of the day suggests, all of the commerce (including most cybercafes) is closed! And this one will close very soon!

So in the light that I have about 4 minutes to write no mas, so, I hope that everyone has a good week there in Canada etc. This week will be the week of general conference, which is always very exciting, apart form being a great spiritual experience.

Apart from that I am doing very normal, really nothing new to report, this next Sunday we will receive transfers so next week I will already know what happens, and boy do the months pass by flying! it goes by very fast, far too fast. However no one can stop time.

I have had headaches and removed them via Beethoven symphonies this week.

I really don't know what else to write, since I am going so fast...erm... this last week it was way  hard to find people because there were about 4 holidays and so everyone was partying. bah.

hmmm hmm hmmm ah yes this week the other elders did a prank on my companion and jumped out from under the tables when he walked into the apartment to scare him. They would have got me too, but I stayed behind talking to the landlord for a moment. However I think the funniest part of the little prank video is the jackle laugh of elder Almeida who did the prank.

Well have a good week everyone. Congratulations to everyone in my family who is getting married before I get back from the mission.

Backstrom out.