Friday, June 5, 2015

Weekly email? yeah, missed a week...

...because I was sick! It was a good reason.

Mom don't freak out.

So: the whole story: (pictures included) last p-day we went to cerro arco, a really big foothill just north-west of Mendoza. Turns out that the air was really cold. it was also a rather large hike, and we ended up making the fatal mistake of waiting for the group of members we had invited to come with us on the descent. and they went really slow. So we got down and I was feeling pretty congested and so we headed back to the pension to change hoping to squeeze in cyber in a place just close to where we live, only to find that it was CLOSED because it just happened to be independence day in Argentina.

And then, to top things off, the next day I woke up with a really high fever (employ your not freaking out skills mom) and have spent the rest of the week until yesterday (Sunday) in the apartment resting. which means that this week was super super ultra lame for me. Luckily I'm well recovered now and this week we will be able to work normally.


So, back to the regular update part.

We are planning a ward activity with our ward mission leader. getting a date for it is turning out to be a difficulty but it's going to be a game evening to bring friends to- we've planned activities like potato sack races and blind handball, so it should be bucket loads of family fun when we finally pull it off.

The eek before this last one we also started teaching the "girlfriend" (I mean, I don't know how they consider their relationship especially in this moment) of one of the ward members, and she has shown a lot of desire to learn and interest in what we teach. Right now she has a "baptismal date" for the 27th, so we'll see if that actually happens- it seems probable since we didn't even know that she wasn't a member since she came with Jesús every Sunday since we arrived in the area.

Well I'm going to try to answer some of the other emails I received.
Elder Winter Backstrom!

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