Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weekly Email from South American Man

So, hello all of my correspondents!

I write you briefly today but with good reason! There is a holiday this day in Argentina (day of the commercial employee) and, as the name of the day suggests, all of the commerce (including most cybercafes) is closed! And this one will close very soon!

So in the light that I have about 4 minutes to write no mas, so, I hope that everyone has a good week there in Canada etc. This week will be the week of general conference, which is always very exciting, apart form being a great spiritual experience.

Apart from that I am doing very normal, really nothing new to report, this next Sunday we will receive transfers so next week I will already know what happens, and boy do the months pass by flying! it goes by very fast, far too fast. However no one can stop time.

I have had headaches and removed them via Beethoven symphonies this week.

I really don't know what else to write, since I am going so fast...erm... this last week it was way  hard to find people because there were about 4 holidays and so everyone was partying. bah.

hmmm hmm hmmm ah yes this week the other elders did a prank on my companion and jumped out from under the tables when he walked into the apartment to scare him. They would have got me too, but I stayed behind talking to the landlord for a moment. However I think the funniest part of the little prank video is the jackle laugh of elder Almeida who did the prank.

Well have a good week everyone. Congratulations to everyone in my family who is getting married before I get back from the mission.

Backstrom out.

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