Sunday, August 31, 2014

The 4 Moustacheers!

Que bien, I have the opportunity to write all of you again. This week I have more photos- in district meeting, all of us donned mustaches and the results where quite hilarious.

But the week was quite good. We were able to re-establish contact with some investigators we had lost track of for a while, find some new investigators via referrals from the ward. We also had a visit from a seventy, El. ViƱas. He went over some things and gave us some instruction on several points, including giving us a new emphasis about working with recent converts who have not been ordained to the priesthood.

This week it was very hot but on Sunday it rained. the streets were abandoned Sunday morning! it was very light rain too. But, it rains so infrequently here, that it was quite the shock to the system for everyone.

I had a lovely week of personal study. I worked specifically on reading through the entire book of Isaiah, and have gotten to chapter 33 so far. I'll also pass some of the references of verses I highlighted:


It's quite the little reading list, eh? and I highlighted a ton more. But you might as well just read the whole book at that point!

Note from the Blog publisher( There is a reason why missionaries do not grow facial hair and if you watch the slide show and listen carefully to the words of the song you too will understand why!

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  1. We sent Dallin a box of adhesive mustaches in a package that we were able to send him for his birthday. I couldn't believe how legitimate they looked. Ceris told a friend of hers that Dallin had grown a mustache in Argentina and her friend believed her... crazy!