Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fantastica Pennycandy Plan!

Well people! here we are after another week in Mendoza (or better said, Maipu) with elder Nuñez, and it's pretty cool! sorry, no photos this week, because the computer doesn't recognize the device. at least the enter button works on the keyboard, though- tender mercies of the Lord!

So, making good use of that enter button, and, at the special request of my mother, I plan to write more than three paragraphs this week!

This week we had a little miracle on Sunday; we had a few plans but didn't find the people we were looking for, and had about and hour before our next fixed appointment, so we decided to do some proselyting activities. It was fast Sunday, so I was super super tranky (like easygoing or relaxed in Spanish slang) because by that time in the evening my sugar levels had surely dropped. so we knock this door, and a youngish lady come out to answer us, and we introduced ourselves and explained a little bit of what we do as missionaries and then asked if maybe we could come inside to leave a blessing on her home, and she said yes, and invited us in (which, okay, might not seem super "miracle" but it's not something that happens every day- and less with the very first door we knock) And so we did the blessing and then asked if we could come back and she told us yes and that also her mother who lives in the same house would probably also want to listen to us. It was quite the experience.

Also this week we had a regular sacrament meeting (well, fast and testimony meeting actually) since the first week we had had a stake conference.

This week we also had a training with President Goates, and he showed us some videos of the apostles teaching the members of the seventy about Sabbath day observance and the blessings that that can bring to our lives. it was pretty cool the emphasis that they all placed on worship on the Sabbath and really the way that that positively benefits all aspects of our life. Here is a little link to a v-meme that president also showed us from the talk of President Nelson in conference. it's just 30 seconds.

Well, I think that that's about all that I have to write-

Oh wait! This week, I tried to be more obedient to the instruction to gain gospel knowledge by always studying. in some down time that we had during the week I employed my time reading the Liahona, the supplementary about President Packer, the special temple edition, and the Book of Mormon, in french, out loud. I felt particularly benefited by the supplement about the life of President  Packer, and the example of Christlike teaching that he left.

Well, all of you who are still reading to this point, congratulations. you may reclaim a pennycandy from me when I return for your diligence and long suffering in reading all of the things that I write. and hhahaha if you didn't read the entire thing you shall Never know! hahaha. it is a fantastica plan to know who really reads my letters!

But seriously. have a good week, everybody.
Elder Backstrom

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