Monday, February 9, 2015

How Ikea can be an analogy for the commandments of God, who knew!

Well it has been a very interesting week for me.

First, we had to purchase and construct from flat packs several pieces of furniture for the new apartment we are in.

Okay. I just want to say something, to get it out there: be grateful for IKEA. Yeah. seriously. You have no idea how much you'll miss those wordless cartoony instructions that never make any sense to the natural man but somehow guide you to a complete piece of furniture if you follow them with faith- you have no idea- until they're gone. and your left with a piece of imitation Ikea furniture with instructions that leave it looking like this when it's finished:

because you accidentally used the wooden plugs in holes that turned out to be for screws because the instructions told you to put in the wrong number of plugs and left you without the supplies to finish the drawers. and also probably arthritis in your wrist from putting in and taking out again so many screws because the instructions couldn't quite figure out what they wanted you to put in first.

What we can learn from this? well, I saw in it a metaphor for the commandments of God. sometimes, just like the Ikea instructions, they don't make sense to us. we question why we're putting on the doors first and going to church every Sunday and not drinking coffee. but if we follow precisely the commandments, everything falls together in the end, because even though we can't, God can see the end from the beginning. sort of like the Ikea people. especially with those Akurum cabinets. But no the other hand, if we take wrong instructions in our spiritual construction, whether it be from our own disobedience or looking to the wrong source for our guidance, we end up having to take steps backwards and get extra parts and sometimes even replace damaged pieces. Luckily, all of that is possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ (or the returns and exchanges desk, depending on which metaphor you're working with.)

Well in other things we did this week, we have had several of the people we were working with disappear, so we ended up "touching some doors", which was actually really fun. When I started my mission it was something that I really didn't like doing, and tried to avoid. but I've developed my language and confidence skills a little more, and now when I knock on people's doors I enjoy it a lot, because I have a technique called "Bombard with cheerfulness" and it makes for interesting reactions, and sometimes equally cheerful replies.

Well, have good weeks. everyone.

El. Backstrom out.

also photos.

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