Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Earthquakes! and weekly letters.

This week a 8.4 grade earthquake struck just off the coast of Chile about 240 km north of Santiago, the capital, at about 19hrs (7pm) on the 18th. Here in Mendoza it was felt strongly as well, although nothing fell over. The initial shaking lasted about 3 whole mins and was followed by other smaller repetitions until about 1 in the morning the next day. That was an exciting and not really too startling experience, but apparently the earthquake was so strong that it was felt all the way to Buenos Aires. Only one person died and that was because he was running down the stairs so fast he fell and hit his head and died! ouch. There are no earthquakes in BA, so...

This week I have made a special effort to write a lot more in my journal. It has been a really great experience, since I have also had the opportunity to re-read some of the things that I had previously written, and that was fun. I felt a far greater appreciation for journaling and want to do it more frequently to avoid sort of empty time in the backwards-looking mirror.

I haven't got any photos this week, sorry- the computer is being stubborn anyways- but I do have a fun story.

So this week I went to send two letters. I had previously bought stamps to be able to put the precise amount of payment necessary- 29 ARS$, in the form of two ten peso stamps, two 2 peso stamps,and a five peso stamp- and subsequently the price went up to 36$. (face-palm) so now I have to wait in line to pay the seven extra pesos, right? So I go to send the letters, and the lady says, well, seven pesos each then... And then, instead of printing out a 7$ sticker with the magic sticker machine (Which I know she has because she used it for the postcard that I also sent) she goes to get extra stamps, and not finding place for them on the front of th letter, puts them on the back-but wait- the best is yet to come- instead of puting on one five peso stamp and one two peso stamp, she puts three two peso stamps and one one peso stamp on each letter! it was pretty funny. Also I had never seen the one peso stamp before, it has a little flower on it.

This week we visited a new family- Maxi and Jaqui- Maxi is a member and his girlfriend is not. They are both quite receptive- but I have made a terrible, terrible discovery- both my companion and Maxi are world of warcraft addicts! they started talking at the table, and Jaqui and I were just sort of left there sitting and watching the two super nerds talk in their special language. yeah, world of warcraft is pretty bad, it takes lives... Be glad that I just like Mario, parents...

Anyways, that is this week in the life of elder Backstrom.

Farewell all!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

El. Backstrom goes Mario Karting in real life!

So, here we are, another week in the mission-
and this week with photos.

So, yeah, this week I have included several photos that I have taken last p-day etc. I think there are some pictures of pancakes in there as well.

So, this week has been a tad complicated since my companion was in San Luis doing immigration tramites (also known as procedures in English) and a few other things contributed to us not really having an optimal amount of working time... but this coming week should be a lot better!

Also, my companion came back from San Luis with an eye infection and was in bed for one whole day, so I decided to start reading "Jesus the Christ" and got to about page 150 (It's super incredibly full of so much information that I think it is honestly one of the books that it takes me the longest to read!)

hm, what else to tell?

This week I also studied about offerings and the significance of giving an goodwill offering that it might be accepted.

Immediately after this, we are going to go mario karting in real life apparently.
(yeah, I really have no idea either.)

What things can I tell you about Argentina? The plugs are angled. I included a photo of that I think.

Well, I would love to write more but I really don't know what to include. Please enjoy the photos and be safe in your lives.

Elder Backstrom

Group Photo

Dallin with ice cream!

P-day UNO!

Basketball in a suit?

Angled plug


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fantastica Pennycandy Plan!

Well people! here we are after another week in Mendoza (or better said, Maipu) with elder Nuñez, and it's pretty cool! sorry, no photos this week, because the computer doesn't recognize the device. at least the enter button works on the keyboard, though- tender mercies of the Lord!

So, making good use of that enter button, and, at the special request of my mother, I plan to write more than three paragraphs this week!

This week we had a little miracle on Sunday; we had a few plans but didn't find the people we were looking for, and had about and hour before our next fixed appointment, so we decided to do some proselyting activities. It was fast Sunday, so I was super super tranky (like easygoing or relaxed in Spanish slang) because by that time in the evening my sugar levels had surely dropped. so we knock this door, and a youngish lady come out to answer us, and we introduced ourselves and explained a little bit of what we do as missionaries and then asked if maybe we could come inside to leave a blessing on her home, and she said yes, and invited us in (which, okay, might not seem super "miracle" but it's not something that happens every day- and less with the very first door we knock) And so we did the blessing and then asked if we could come back and she told us yes and that also her mother who lives in the same house would probably also want to listen to us. It was quite the experience.

Also this week we had a regular sacrament meeting (well, fast and testimony meeting actually) since the first week we had had a stake conference.

This week we also had a training with President Goates, and he showed us some videos of the apostles teaching the members of the seventy about Sabbath day observance and the blessings that that can bring to our lives. it was pretty cool the emphasis that they all placed on worship on the Sabbath and really the way that that positively benefits all aspects of our life. Here is a little link to a v-meme that president also showed us from the talk of President Nelson in conference. it's just 30 seconds.

Well, I think that that's about all that I have to write-

Oh wait! This week, I tried to be more obedient to the instruction to gain gospel knowledge by always studying. in some down time that we had during the week I employed my time reading the Liahona, the supplementary about President Packer, the special temple edition, and the Book of Mormon, in french, out loud. I felt particularly benefited by the supplement about the life of President  Packer, and the example of Christlike teaching that he left.

Well, all of you who are still reading to this point, congratulations. you may reclaim a pennycandy from me when I return for your diligence and long suffering in reading all of the things that I write. and hhahaha if you didn't read the entire thing you shall Never know! hahaha. it is a fantastica plan to know who really reads my letters!

But seriously. have a good week, everybody.
Elder Backstrom