Monday, April 27, 2015

La Favorita

Sorry to everyone I didn't write!

wow. cyber is EXPENSIVE here in Mendoza. (18$ the hour!)

So, I've been in my new area for four days- but when you don't know a place- that feels like forever! We've been learning the streets of La Favorita. It doesn't appear in google maps, and the two previous missionaries didn't leave us a map- so! An adventure for sure. Luckily for us, we were able to meet a lot of the members quickly, and they have helped us get on our feet a little. I've more or less got the locations down now. At least it's not half of the residential area of San Luis capital! it's a good deal smaller than my last area.

My new companion is elder Paz (would love to send photos but this computer doesn't accept my camera :P) He is from Uruguay, and has 18 months in the mission. He's both cool and dedicated, and we are moving forward well in our new area.

Don't even ask about the apartment. They left it a disaster. but! one good clean later- much better!

okay. I have ten mins. left. I'll tell you guys some more stories about la Favo next week, sound good? have a safe week everyone!

Spiritual learning highlight of the week: I was reading in the first epistle general of Peter and was particularly appreciative of his admonitions in the last chapter of the same. Remember, God resists the proud, but exalts the humble.

Elder Backstrom

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