Monday, July 14, 2014

Settling In

Good, another week passes by. How are all of you doing?

The new area is still rather new, and due to the newness of everything, time has slowed down to an almost normal pace. I now live in a pension with four elders and we (for better or worse) get along rather well.

Unfortunately we have been experiencing a drought of new investigators this past week. we have planned several different finding activities for the week to come, so that we don't fall in to the rut of doing the same thing again and again.

Uh, San Martin is a little different from San Juan. We have a center in our area. um, I don't really know what else to tell.

This is strange. Usually I have plenty to talk about.

Mostly I'm just keeping busy! The other companionship in the pension has encountered a strangely high number of contentious Jehovah's Witnesses recently, so we have been studying ways to politely confound their false doctrine. Hahaha.

HM! I had a funny picture to send but I forgot the connector cable for my camera.
next week, I suppose.

My English is getting weird and I need to obtain a Book of Mormon in French to remind myself of the language so as not to forget it.

On my spiritual highlight this week, I had chapter 3 of Exodus stick out to me. It is the chapter where Moses is called as a prophet and really one of the best scriptural examples of the lord's pattern of calling prophets to bring his word to his people.

Anything else? I don't think so. Cool, till next week then,
El. Backstrom

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