Monday, May 12, 2014

Christmas in the CCM (MTC)

si, Yo tambien sé solo poco espaniol. Aprendar a hablar el idioma es mas dificile y sin el ayudar de nos maestros nosotros aprendarions nada.
Well I'm glad you guys had a good christmas. P-day is regularly on thursday, but, today is new years so it has been moved. I appreciate the photos and wish I could send a few of my companions, however we forgot to pack my mini-usb cable (should probably still be plugged into the computer) and so for now I'll just have to use my words. (By the by if you're sending down a letter mind slipping that cable into the envelope? it's the mini usb, not the micro usb used for phones, but the one that should also plug into the big camera. i could also buy one down here but not for another 4 weeks.)
I have four other guys in my district. did I mention that before? Did I mention that we're the only missionaries in the entire CCM until tomorrow, when new people arrive (other districts left on monday in the morning)... It's pretty cool though, since we get to have a district fireside with Presidente Openshaw every evening. I do not regret bringing the doormats. The elders in my district are Elders Ford and Harris, my companions, and Elders Martinez and Sims, the other companionship. Ford, Sims & Martinez come from the states; Harris is from Cranbrook, BC. I have a photo of all of them I would love to send to you. The temple is also right by the CCM, and it's a beautiful structure. We've been through once so far.

Learning the language really is hard. Everyone tells me I have a thick french accent, which isn't hard to believe. spanish is spoken very high in the mouth while french is a far more guteral language, so shiching my pronuciation is extremly challenging. Every single "e" is pronounced "é"! On the upside, verbs are astonishingly simple.

Study has also been a big effort, although I feel a lot more prepared for that. We have tio spend every possible chance we have to study preparing for our investigators, and it is quite exasting (although a huge relief when things go well.)

I have more favorite scriptures now than I have ever had before in my life. Check out second nephi chapter 2, mormon chapters 7&8, Alma chapiter 5, 3 nephi chapter 11... Presidente Openshaw places a huge emphasis on love for the sriptures. When we have a class with him, he always starts by asking us for questions, and then, instead of teaching us a prepared class, using the scriptures that he has such an astonishing control of to answer and expound on any docrinal topic we ask him about!

This spanish keyboard is hard to use and annoying.

I'm glad to hear that it's snowing, that sounds wonderful! the coolest it's been here during the day is 29 degrees, and that was a day it rained. Still, it´s beautiful, amazingly green. I've been in the city once, to work on my or apply for or somthing my visa, and i was asstonished at the density and transit and distribution of wealth. Dad would have loved to have been on the bus I was riding on. they have bus stations, like for trains, in the middle of major throughfares! they also have a subway system, but I only saw signs for that.

Ceris stop temping me with star trek. you will love hitchikers.

have a good one,

by the by I might send another email with pictures if i have time, one of the other guys has a cord. correction not one of the other guys, Martinez. He is from Idaho very prepared.

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