Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Special Changes Means a New Companion for El. Backstrom

Well, here we are- after a very crazy week!

Special changes.

I received a new companion, one week before regular changes- Elder Saavedra, from Chile. we were in Mendoza almost all week- from Monday in the morning till Thursday at night- Although we returned briefly to San Luis ("Briefly" signifying four hours in a bus both ways) to pick up Elder Eriquez's bags on Wednesday.

Also, there is a new 2015 corolla in the offices (For a missionary couple who just arrived), and boy, it is fine. also goes fast. we got driven around in it a little bit, and I think I broke the last of the ten commandments (Hahaha... for everyone who didn't get it, not coveting is the last of the ten commandments) but have since repented. Sorry that that is a little boring, but I mean, it's that sort of week.

This week I also read a book by a certain Scott Marshal on the subject of tracting, which although it is not an official publication of the church, was lying around in the mission office library. I must say, I have never seriously dedicated time or thought to knocking doors- but the book was very good and gave some practical, applicable suggestions to do "inspired tracting" and to find the people who will actually receive us without bothering too much those who are not interested. I found it was very practical and realistic, and this week we are going to apply some of the techniques that Elder Marshal suggests in his book. (We actually already did it once, and it worked out very well for us.)

Well, I wish everyone a good week, one full of hopefully a lot less traveling than I have done in my past week- I am so tired of buses...

Elder Backstrom

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