Saturday, December 6, 2014

Introducing San Luis

So, I have photos this week. Let's start there.

Hmm they came out backwards

This is mate, it's a traditional Argentine drink. I don't think I had sent a picture before.

This is the neighbour's dog, Lucy. we share a patio, so she sort of lives mostly in our house.

This is me. In case you did not recognize me.

This is my companion, Elder Inca, from Peru.

And here we are together.

Well this week, we have had a little bit of a hard time getting ahold of the people we're working with. Still it hasn't been bad; we found a few new people to teach and have been working a lot with the ward council on creating a ward mission plan.

I'm sorry I'm making this a little shorter than normal, but time is limited...

This week in my scripture study I happened to read James- and as I read, It interested me that he says that if we ask and do not receive, there is a reason for that. He says that if we ask and receive not, it is because we have asked wrong- or, perhaps, we might need to consider why God might be withholding the blessings we are requesting. Something that was interesting for me.

Well, have a good week then,

El. Backstrom

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