Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sick days for El Backstrom

So, this will be short, because I am sick and kind of dizzy and honestly not understanding hardly any of what I am reading. Also I replied personally to almost everyone.

This week has been exhausting! I got sick with something and have been under the weather since Thursday. We did a lot of finding activities with not tons of results but did find one person with whom we had a lesson. It rained this week but we were inside that day because I was very sick. whew, lucky that those things lined up (well for my companion- I would have preferred to be outside in the soaking wet to in the apartment very sick.)

This week I read a lot of scriptures that impacted me a lot, but most of all I enjoyed Jacob 6- especially his concise "Oh be wise; What can I say more?"

Have a good week, keep smiling.
El. Backstrom

Also, some answers to some questions that Dallin's mother put to him that some of you might be interested in:

1.  How big is the ward or branch that you are serving in? Is it a ward or branch? What is the name of the ward/branch?

100ish active people, ward, Amppya

2.  What is it like in Argentina as you get ready for the Christmas season? Is it pretty commercial like it is here at home or is it more Christ focused?

Well Wal-Mart has fruitcake. I honestly have not noticed any other change in anything, except for one member who had us help put up Christmas lights. it's a lot bigger of a deal here that they're going to have an excuse to drink a lot of beer and make a ruckus which they call fiesta than either Christ or consumerism, if you get what I mean? basically it's not much more than another day that everyone has off from work in the minds of most people here.

3.  How long has your companion Elder Inca been out on his mission? What is he like (besides being cool, you mentioned that… just a little more detail please)?

Elder Inca has like 15 months, so not too much more than me. he is short, speaks Spanish, makes fairly good jokes and knows science (chemistry)

4.  Are you in a pench with other elders or is it just the two of you?

Us two, thankfully. makes cleanliness a real possibility

I thought some of you might enjoy a little more info on some of those things. I did. In case you didn't notice I put all of my words in purple!

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