Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sometimes we change -- and that is beautiful!

Well, a new week means a new weekly update.

Well, what have we done this week that is noteworthy- hm. let's make a list.

  • Finally got into the house of a less active family that we had been trying to contact for a long time (the mother is not a member)
  • gave talks in sacrament meeting but postponed a special musical number for next week
  • planned another ward activity (movie evening)
  • helped another (different) less active family get out to church
  • cooked for ourselves two days out of the week, which is very strange because normally we eat with members every day. We cooked potato wedges.
Okay those are some of the things that we did this week. In good news for anyone who is following our investigators, Paloma, who was the girlfriend of Jesùs, a member, broke up with him but still wants to receive our visits.

Hm. What else to tell? This week studying with Elder Paz in preach my gospel, we were reading chapter 1 as part of our goal to read through the entire manual together. I was particularly impacted by the emphasis made on the importance of inviting people to repent and change their lives. It's very true; if we never invited a less-active member to church, they would probably never come. An investigator would never get baptized. In short no one we visit would ever change their lives, and our efforts would be very much wasted. However, when we do invite people to repent, sometimes, not always but sometimes they do- and that's beautiful.

Okay- Have a good week everyone.

Elder Backstrom out.

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