Monday, October 12, 2015

El. Backstrom Does Not Like Holidays

Well, I've got double bad news- one, it's a holiday here, and that means that everything is less conveniente, and two, the computer does not read my camera, so all the rad photos that i had to send are going to be postergated one week more.

On that note, I'll write a fast weekly email. This week we had a very notable experience, when we encountered once more a former investigator that we had not seen for more or less a month and a half, and she told us of several difficulties that had occurred recently in her life that she felt were indications from God that she needed a change of pace and to focus more on her family. That was pretty cool.

a ver...

Well, we were going to make an asado today, but then everyone backed out and was like, "let's go to the zoo" so we're going to the zoo instead, which I am not super stoked on:
  1. because i'm hungry
  2. because it has been WAY COLD these last few days and today it's all of 13Âșc outside
...  but whatever, zoo it shall be.

​Elder Backstrom

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