Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Photos from El. Backstrom!

Alright, here we go, read, set...

yeah, that's right, this week is super many fotos week. because finally the computer has granted itself to recognize the usb.

In other notes, I've found a new passion: journal writing. this and past weeks for about the last three to six months I've been going much more journal keeping, and have enjoyed many new insights into the learning experiences I have that only come as I write them down. it's been quite phenomenal. Since 4 this week much didn't happen of too much note, I thought that I would mention that, since it has been something ongoing.

(Wow amigos se nota que estoy viejo en la misión- hoy abrí mi correo y tenia solo 6 correos, la mitad de los cuales eran informes de los oficinas... son pocos los que perseveran hasta el fin escribiéndome fielmente)

so, I am now going to put the photos here, however, they need to pass through the machine first and that takes a while...

so! dancing bear:

there are some zoo photos and some photos of my new and old hair cut and some other photos of things that are important like dulce de leche and pumas. sorry if they don't all arrive, it's not my fault.

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