Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Alfajors and other notable news (it's always about food with Dallin)

It's another Monday!

Look at that. Weeks leap by like nothing and I'm not sure if it pleases me.

We had a special conference this week in the stake centre, which is in Mendoza, in which a member of the area seventy came and divided the Maipu stake into the Maipu stake and San Martin district. that means that the five congregations which are close to San Martin: San martin 1, San martin 2, Rividavia, Tres porteñas, and Palmira, are all now branches that are below the jurisdiction of the mission. the goal is to have the district be able to become it's own stake in the next few years! It's very good because it means that basicaly all the distances are shorter now, and that the general leaders will be local instead of from Mendoza, so able to be more involved. The previous bishop of San martin 2 was ordained to be the District President, one of his former councilors in the bishopric is his first councilor, and the former branch president of Rividavia is his second councilor. Good stuff.

(Also Elias and Janet came to the meeting, which was a happy surprise, because to get to the stake centre the bus left from the chapel at half past eight, which is even earlier than church normally starts. So that was a great alegría para nosotros -- translates as "joy for us")

Hm. other things?

This an alfajor. Being eaten. to make all of you jealous that you do not have access to fun Argentine sweets. but unfortunately it also makes me jealous, because I already ate it about a week ago and now I want another one.

Ah yes, there were transfers.
Left to Right: El. Backstrom, El. Ortez, El. Leguiza and El. Trelease

Anyway! I didn't take tons of pictures this week, but that's  Elder Leguiza there behind Elder Trelease. He's a mini-missionary, which means that he's just a normal youth who's here helping us out while we have an odd number of missionaries fro a transfer. He has his mission call to leave on December 12th for Uruguay Montevideo. He's real radical.

In my studies this week I concentrated on preach my gospel and doing some of the personal study activities from the study suggestions sections after the chapters. It was quite different from how I normally study and forced me to make a little bit more use of my study journal, which I realized I had been forgetting to use. Keeping a study journal is very helpful for remembering things that you've learned in the past, as well as forcing yourself to concrete your thoughts in writing allowing you to ponder the scriptures more clearly.

Anyhow, please all have a good week. And find out if there is anywhere I can obtain alfajors in Canada. Jokes. don't actually do that. I would die horribly fat.

El. Backstrom

(note from the editor mother: if any of you are dying to try an alfajor after all of Dallin's ranting about them; they can be purchased @ Tienda Latina which is located at the corner of 99 street and Argyll road next to The Brick)

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