Friday, October 31, 2014

Short and Sweet

I was considering today splitting up my emails and doing personal emails only. then I decided not to in order to keep this as a log of things that happened to me each week of my mission.

This week Elder Fernandez was quite sick a few of the days. He is lactose intolerant but loves yogurt; so, he got himself way backed up and then took a hard laxative so we were in the apartment for a couple days.

There is a new elder in the pension, Elder Perkins. He has four weeks in the field and is being trained by Elder Freeman. Yeah. lots of changes. Not a lot of time.

There is an investigator in the area of the other elders who has a baptismal date for the 25th of this month.

We made an asado last Monday. I think I mentioned that already in my last email, but regardless I mention it again because it was great.

The spiritual thought I have for today is from the book of Ether; As I was studying this chapter, preparing to leave it with a less-active member, it impressed me that Ether is concerned immediately for the salvation of others after his own prayer is answered. I brought to my mind that many times, although we may not hear a voice as Ether did, our answers to prayers may come in the form of feelings we might not expect, for example, love towards others, or a desire to go about doing good.

Anyways, have a good week,
Elder Backstrom

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