Monday, August 31, 2015

Transfers. Goodbye to La Favorita. Sad Face.

So it's more or less transfer week. No, it is transfer week people. and I have transfers. However they are a little sad, or even very sad transfers. la Favorita is getting washed, and they are sending me to Maipu (almost like a part of Mendoza city but sort of separate? like it has it's own mayor, but it's not technically a city) and Elder Paz to San Rafael (in the south of Mendoza province).

Those transfers are sad because a lot, if not all of the effort that we have put towards developing a good relationship with the members, so that we can work in unity with them, is sort of down the drain, and the new elders will have to work from scratch. The members are also not too pleased and I can imagine why since this is the fourth time in a year that this area has been washed... That's hard, since right now, and any time an area gets washed, the investigators sort of get lost since there is no one that knows them, and it takes time to gain confidence again with active and less-active members, and especially with recent converts. I'm going to do all I can so that the elders who arrive are well-oriented, with maps and the such, but beyond that there is not much that I can do. Ah well.

This week we actually found five new investigators.. what irony! right when we start to have a lot more success finding people to teach, we have to leave all of them behind. Such is the mission.

Well, so that this email is not so boring, I will include some pictures form last p-day, when we went to cerro de la gloria,a monument that is here in Mendoza that appears on the back of the Argentine 5 peso bill.

oh yeah, and also a picture of all the elders that came with us, and a final picture of some escaped goats in the zoo licking a broken water tank to drink.

Well, have a good week everyone.
Elder Backstrom out-

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