Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekly e-mail with things written in it!

And once again! I find myself in a cyber cafe in San martin writing a letter to everyone.

It is lunch time and I am hungry so bear with me if it's not the longest and most detailed letter you've ever read.

So! I have no pictures this week. Ah well. We've been having a lack of lessons with investigators recently, but not for a lack of appointments- people have just been unavailable. We've decided to put an emphasis on finding new investigators, and we have started working in some new parts of the area I had never really visited before. Should be fun- we're structuring our finding approach centrally around the Book of Mormon, and inviting people to read it right from the beginning. We're also going to try to work with the members and get them excited about and perhaps some of those new fun personalized pass along cards you can do? I don't know if all of you who are members had heard of those before. They're pretty fun, and have a little QR code on them that directs people directly to your profile page on

Maybe it would be better if I didn't look quite so goofy in the photo.

This week in my gospel study I did an activity where I wrote down my testimony of something and then tried to think of what things I could do to strengthen my testimony of that topic. It  was quite fun and a good activity I thought!

Alright. Have a good week everybody,

El. Backstrom

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