Monday, May 12, 2014

Time Flies at the CCM

And it came to pass that there where only 12 more days in the CCM for elder Backstrom.
And thus we see that the faithful and diligent in learning the language receive their reward, while the goofy and distracted are thrust down into confusion and desperation.

Not really though, the language is progressing fairly well (I can understand about 70% of any given conversation in spanish) Although pronouncing words, even words that I know, is very difficult- and so I have a little bit of a struggle carrying on a conversation, being able to understand others but not express myself.

In my last update, I am not certain if I mentioned the new group of american missionaries who arrived. there where 9 elders and 8 sisters, and it's been good fun getting to know all of them. I've been quite enjoying myself and although I wish i was able to focus more on training, Overall things are going well.

I am slightly anxious about going out into the field, as my lack of speaking skills and petrifying fear of initiating conversations with strangers prevent me from doing much except translating what people say into English for my more vocal companions. I have faith, though, that as I practice, speaking to people will become more natural and i will be more able to stop people on the street.

This week's proselyting trip was moved to Wednesday, so I've had two since I last emailed. Neither time did we get any numbers, but both times we where more positive and unified as a companionship and more animated and varied in our speech. The second time, all the new missionaries went as well, and it was really interesting to hear their stories. Seems like the first person everyone meets is really nice.Proselyting is an excellent break from the CCM and a great taste of what's to come.

My favorite scripture of the week is 2 nephi 4. I'm going to send a GIF animation I made of my companion along with this email.

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