Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Quiet Christmas

Well, Happy new years everyone.

This week has been really a lot less productive, just due to the holidays and all. But, we still managed to have a few lessons and even to renew contact with one of the people we were teaching before who sort of went to Chile which meant that we were kind of totally in the air with her for a while.

This week was Christmas.
(Christmas pictures:)
The dog Lucy (Belongs to our neighbour, but lounges in our pension all the time) enjoys the wonderful comfort of the floor

Who is this? Who could this possibly be?

And the hail that fell on the 26th in the morning. a little late, weather, but I'm glad you remembered to send your gift as well. (But seriously. hail > heat)

So, there we are. I passed a quiet Christmas. Hope that everything is tranquil for all of you. Keep safe and all,
El. Backstrom

(Yeah by the way they increased the cost of the computer per hour in the cyber AGAIN, so I am going FAST.)


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