Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Backstrom Weekly

Today for p-day I made Donairs for almost the whole zone- that's right, all-Canadian (well sort of Greek/Arabic) Halifax style Donairs. yeah. I couldn't find pitas so I had to make it into little sandwiches on another type of Arabic flat bread. Attached are several photos for you to enjoy.

Moving on to the week, this week has been both an interesting and challenging one. My companion and I decided that really we were not having success like we should in the area, especially finding new investigators and getting second visits. We decided that a re dedication and greater sacrifice where necessary to begin to have the success that we desire in our area. we had a talk about the things we could change to be able to work harder and smarter, and also decided to do a special fast to be able to find more investigators in our area. Since then we have been dedicating a lot more time to proselyting activities, and have made several good contacts, but have not been able to teach anyone new yet. your prayers are very appreciated.

I hope you all have a good and safe week,
Elder Backstrom 

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