Monday, May 12, 2014

El. Backstrom, Missionary, Possessor of Pants, etc

So, here we are again at the end of another week of the mission.
(how many weeks are there total? like 104 or something like that? hmmm. to lazy to do math.)

Good news, a week feels about two days long. time is just taking giant strides. Also good news, we met a bunch of cool people who we are going to go visit this coming week- stoked lady, who was stoked about everything, sweeping lady, who was sweeping her walk, dirty rap guy, who was listening to dirty rap- all of whom we forgot to ask for names. no wait, sweeping lady's name was Sandra. okay. One out of three.

This week everyone was sleeping because they where all partied out from easter. Which meant that very pocos personas eran en la calle y todovia son pocos que se leventan... tuvimos tambien pocos assistencias a la rama ese semanan :(

Uh, do I want to fix that? No. it was easier to write in Spanish and you all have Google translate so I shall BE LAZY

Ihave discovered that chili powder DOES INDEED EXIST in this country, meaning I can make chili also my own hot sauces because there are no haut sauces.

also an exciting update on Argentine politics, there will now be 70% Larger trucks, a proven fix for economic uncertainty! Also, new trains in mar del plata.

on the spiritual side of life, I studied many scriptures this week but by my interest was captured especially by Helaman chapter twelve, wherein the prophet nephi father of nephi of the twelve is explaining the need for missionary work and some of the challenges thereof.

Sorry folks, I'm a tad tired today due to the lack of sleep I get due to our downstairs neighbours music, which they begin to play around 11 every night- long story short, this email might be a little goofy to read. Whoops,

El. Backstrom

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