Sunday, February 8, 2015

Short e-mail from a few weeks ago

Hi all -- so this is Dallin's mom. Dallin sent this e-mail a couple of weeks ago along with a couple of pictures that didn't work. I had asked him to resend the pics and was waiting to post this until he did... I have now given up and will post his two sentence e-mail without pictures!

This week we had interviews with the mission president. I also got a little sick early in the week (luckily didn't last long) so there was relatively little time that I spent in my area (also I was in exchanges in another area on Friday.)

Not much to tell this week I guess! I hope that all of you are doing well. I sort of have to go now, so have a good, safe, premeditated, enjoyable, balanced, spiritual, healthy, action-packed week-

Elder Backstrom


  1. Wow... I shall now stop complaining about the "short" emails we've received from Elder Smith!

    1. Yes Julie. I always think when people complain about the short e-mails from their missionary sons, "bet Dallin's are shorter", but I am grateful for every bit of communication that I get and at least he sounds happy! Gotta count your blessings!