Sunday, February 8, 2015

How to cook a pig (literally)

After a whole two weeks of writing, we're back again with another weekly update from Argentina.

To explain; I did not write last week due to a very occupied day involving roast pig.
Pictures attached.

I have a new companion as of Thursday; Elder Enriquez. Elder Inca went to San Juan (poor thing) and we will be staying in amppya.

Speaking of which, we changed apartments this week and are now living in a very much smaller location that... doesn't quite have the glamour of the house we were in before. To explain: the property has two apartments, a house and then a small attached apartment. A member was living in the apartment and changed us for the house. the little apartment has two rooms and a bathroom. there is an electric hot water heater. its sort of goofy and small, but way livable, so whatever.

This week I finished the bible in my reading, passed the entire pearl of great price, and got a few sections into the doctrine and covenants. Reading the book of Moses I was able to appreciate more the symbolic metaphor that the earth plays representing our lives and progress as taught by Enoch. 

Alright, so I have to go eat lunch now. later.

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  1. Cool pictures. I especially enjoyed the pictures of the pig splayed out on the barbecue!