Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Success in San Luis

Well, It's been another week here in san luis. This week we had the great success of bringing out 4 less active families to church, out of the five we visited in the week. I don't know what else to tell about, so I'll tell two stories from today:

We went to "Potrero do los Funes" (A touristy place) and met this guy on a bus. He's from Calgary so I took a photo with him unfortunately it is not the best photo of me, so.

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Look who made his way into my missionary daily planer! 

Story number two comes with no fun photo, but after eating at the riverside that features in several of the attached photos, we had the chance to talk with a slightly older couple from Buenos Aires who were on vacation. They told us part of their story, that they had been married only ten years before and that the lady had adopted her husband's children. In that seemingly random conversation we were able to invite them to meet with the missionaries in Buenos Aires when they returned home and learn more about the restored gospel and how it could bless their family. That experience marked to me how even the conversations that sometimes I might think are not going to lead to an invitation to learn about the gospel can become opportunities to invite everyone to learn about our unique message.

Anyways, enjoy the photo of the next big thing in human alimentation: the double banana.
Have a good week,

Elder Backstrom

Double banana
Selected photos from a p-day picnic at a river where Dallin and the other missionaries met the couple from Buenos Aires:

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