Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Quickly I'll Obey

So this is another weekly email update from elder Backstrom! Get ready to enjoy some photos, because I have taken various photos.

But before all that! a resume of some important things I did in the week. This week both my companion and I put ourselves the goal of being more obedient, but I also decided to make that a personal focus. That means that each day in the morning in my personal study I studied the topic of obedience and how to develop that attribute of Christ, and I sure did learn a lot of things- and actually I'm still continuing the study because I started a little obedience project and did not finish.

Why would I want to be obedient? for those of my friends who are not of our faith, it might not make sense that I should be way excited to be more obedient. However, when I know what the will of God is, I feel a strong desire to obey, and it also brings me sadness to know what God desires me to be doing and not be doing it.

  • There is a difference between doing obedient things and being an obedient person
  • There is more to being obedient than just keeping rules, there are many more things that the Lord expects of me
  • Being obedient makes blessings for keeping other commandments more available

Here are some things I did to be obedient:

  • Write a note about my day in my agenda each evening in daily planing to give an account of my work to myself and the Lord
  • Made a list of things that I do and things that the lord expects of me
  • Set goals and made plans to improve on things I am lacking in aforementioned list.

Well, that was the biggest focus I had this week.
We also found 4! new investigators. That's a lot! I'm way stoked because they seem to be genuinely interested.

This week we also visited several times a less active sister who is also a returned missionary. we challenged her to start her change today and to begin feeling the effects of the gospel of Jesus Christ in her life as soon as possible. she seemed really touched and we hope that she really begins a change.

Anyways, photos, as promised

I'm watching YOU!.... (no, i'm not)

Cerro Arco 2.0: The Rematch!

BACKSTROM 1 HILL 0!!!! yeah! no more bronchitis!

there was some ice in the freezer.
First time I had seen ice in a good while.

look pesos! for me they are normal. but then I thought, I guess my family & friends don't know what real Argentina cash money looks like.

that bill in the middle has Eva Peron on it.
they are new.. and... controversial, to say the least.

Some pictures of me the day before I cut my hair!

Have a good week everyone!

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