Monday, August 31, 2015

Enjoy the Day of San Martin's passing to the Immortality

So! how is everyone?

I, in the personal, am fine. I have, sadly, less time than usual this day because our normal cyber cafe is closed because it is the holiday of San Martin's death. So.

Well this week we've had a fairly good labour- however not like a normal week- the ward was having in general a weak week so we spent a lot of time helping the members and trying to get them more enthused to come to church, as well as some very urgent special needs that we had to attend to. However, on the investigator side of things, we had three lessons with Pablo this week, and two where we brought members as well. it is astounding how much a member can help in the teaching process, even when they might not be as active as would be desirable.

In other happenings, here are some pictures of food I ate this week.

Delicious milanesa con papas

good old home-made potato-carrot-bean-pumpkin soup from my very own hands
So, in other Argentina news, Daniel Sciolli, the current governor of Bs. As. province, won the eliminatory presidential elections by total votes. he's from the party of Cristina, the current president. From what I've heard so far, he will probably be president.

hmm. what else?

Well I also got a new shampoo and did not realize until I read the label that it is a woman's shampoo. I mean, I simply presumed since it had nothing on the label that it was unisex! Bah. since all the men's shampoos have men in big letters on them. but I guess that just means that any shampoo that is not specifically for men is for women. However, I'm actually really liking how this shampoo in particular works, since it makes my hair very soft. So I guess that it doesn't really bother me that much that it is meant for women.

Hm, have a good week I guess, enjoy the Day of San Martin's passing to the immortality, (Today) and peace.

Elder Backstrom

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