Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hockey. You just can't explain it!

Well, what a week we've had! It's not been the most productive one, to be entirely honest- we went out with members accompanying us three whole afternoons, and there was no one who was available... Well, those are the things that happen sometimes. Ha. I just thought of a joke, but it wouldn't be funny for anyone but me. (Para de sufrir!) (Because there's this Brazilian church called the universal church and they go around placing their hands on people's foreheads and saying STOP SUFFERING! and it's very funny. so many Argentinians make this joke when someone has a problem, they just say Para de sufrir! and everyone laughs. but you had to be there.) Still, it was a very interesting week and we had the good experience that one of the less active members who did not seem very excited earlier in the week made it out to church and stayed all three hours, which was very nice.

Slightly more serious P-day Photo
Goofy P-day fun!
Some photos from p-day.

Okay. I had a very interesting study this week on prayer and meaningfully waiting for an answer to the same. I tried throughout the week to place my mind in the state it needs to be of calm and sensitivity in order to receive spiritual answers to my prayers. It allowed me to really examine the weight of emotional turbulence that builds up and how many things can be distractions from the smooth, soft voice of the spirit.

Well, I don't have much more to write. Have a good, safe week everyone!

El. Backstrom

I am including an excerpt from an e-mail Dallin sent me that I thought some of you might enjoy:

How are the Oilers doing? still losing embarrassingly?  What about Montreal, are they still doing pretty good?

Hockey. It's so weird to explain hockey to people here because they're like, ah, yes, field hockey for women. I think I understand. but it is completely different blah.

Well since you have no questions- what did I do this week? well, on Friday it rained really hard and we got drenched and then finally got back to the pension only to have a less active member knock on our door and tell us her son had fallen eight meters our of a tree that same morning and fractured one vertebrae and so we scarfed down our food and went as fast as we could to the Italian clinic in the center to give him a blessing. he's a very nice man. he said that the doctors had told him that really a fall of that height had come cheap for him. pity he lives outside of our area, or we might just have had the chance to teach him.

Well, that was a little bit of my week- have a good one. I saw dad has a beard. it's pretty great. did you know I can grow a beard now? it makes me quite pleased

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