Monday, June 22, 2015

Lame Weekly Update

So, sorry that this weekly update is sort of lame. I promise that there are good reasons; 1- it's not my p-day since that was moved to Saturday and now I have 2-little time to write.

So due to an inconvenience I am in the mission offices currently. Hopefully that gets solved soon but this whole week I have been pretty bored being cooped up inside here... ah well. That "inconvenience" is maybe asthma so hopefully it's not that but honestly if they could give me a puffer today for the rest of my life and I was allowed to leave the offices or tomorrow I could leave without asthma I would probably in my folly chose option one. (Haha. it's not that bad actually but it is frustrating not being able to work!)

So this weekly update email is lame. Sorry about that. Hope you all are having better weeks than I am.

Elder Backstrom out!

Note from El. Backstrom's mother: Elder Backstrom was diagnosed with recurring bronchitis and was put on medication and is now back in his area working.

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