Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In a world where bike tires are unpopable!

So, can I just say, that Tres Porteñas might just be* the most absolutely beautiful place in the entire world to take a leisurely bike ride on a lazy cool summers evening with the stunning view of la cordillera de los andes as you meander through lovely vineyards that seem to stretch forever. pictures included.

*if your bike had unpopable tires

Irrigation maybe?
bike with popable tires
alright everybody! here we are at the beginning of another week in tres porteñas! how exciting! the Familia Chagua who where going to be baptized this week decided to push the date to this coming Saturday in order to invite more people and better coordinate the baptism, so no pictures because it has not happened yet. However! I do have a few pictures of the gorgeous scenery though, and in different dimensions than before (tell me if they are better or worse looking).

I think I even have one picture in the car of the Rogers, the missionary couple that I told you about before.

Inside the fancy car
Also this week I learned to be a farmer (so that's to you Ceris) by pulling up weeds in a muddy hectare of onion. it was probably the hardest service project I've ever done, but the work was rewarding the three mornings we went to help with the work.

So there we are with Tres Porteñas!

I'm also taking lots of videos and photos that will not fit in these emails, because no, so. Have a great week everybody!

Greetings from Elder Backstrom in Tres Porteñas

Elder Backstrom

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