Monday, June 8, 2015

The best weekly update email that any of you receive from a handsome man in south america

Well, the subject line just about says it all.

Hello everyone! formalities aside, because I have little time to write, I'm going to dive right into my week. This week we had a ward activity on Saturday! It was a lot of work to organize, and not everything went quite according to our plans, and sadly many of the people we invited missed out on the super-duper fun game evening we did, but everyone who came had a Great time with a capital G! It turned out really fun and we even had a lot of activities left over that we didn't fit into the time we had. Hopefully our efforts to coordinate with the ward leaders and continue doing activities like this will really help the kingdom of God to grow in la Favorita. Apparently there had been no ward activities in a really long time so the fact that we had a really good one should get everyone a little more stoked.

Another less mission related story from this week is about my new shaving method... safety razors. and can I just tell you all that they are eating my money. You have to buy cream, you have to buy razors, you have to buy replacement cartridges, blah blah blah... Yeah. I'm also pretty sure that Gillette shaving cream contains growth simulators because two weeks ago when I started shaving with actual razors I only had to shave every second day, and now I am shaving every morning and with a good deal of stubble! And yes, that's with a brand new razor to boot- FC Barcelon champion's edition mach 3 turbo whatever. bah.

Well everyone here is a picture of the district- it's the only new picture I have since last week.

Cool. Have a great, safe, happy, exciting, success-ridden week

Elder Backstrom

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