Thursday, August 14, 2014

In which you get to meet "brown William Shatner"

So, everyone, here I am again! This week I have some pictures to send.

As the summer vacations in Canada draw to a close, the temperatures are starting to rise on my side of the globe.

Well, transfers came and went, but no one in the apartment will be moving this time around. that leaves it pretty wide open, as to who will leave and who will stay next time.

We have a new investigator we are working with- his name is Ulices, and he's the friend of one of our young men. He attended two young men's activities last week and church this Sunday, and seems very interested in the church. He has already started reading the Book of Mormon his friend gave to him.

I suppose that I have not yet written about our new mission president and his wife yet, have I? I don't think so. Well, now I have had an interview with both of them and know them a little bit better- President and Sister Goates arrived in the very early weeks of this transfer and are still getting settled in. Sister Goates is very alegre and percepicas. She is coming to inspect all the pensions so we need to buy a new shower curtain to replace the very broken very moldy one we have now. President Goates is quite tall,  rather funny and very interesting to talk to.

Also I will upload some pictures with this email. Also a fun animated picture of my companion, right at the very bottom!

Ah yes. This. Look at how I'm an adult, not a child. Ha. This made me feel very attractive. I then compared it with the first photo I took with this camera and wow, I have changed a lot.

group pictures. what am I even doing?

The legendary three liter pepsi
and more guaymallen alfajores than four people need

Argentian keys! They are all like this. All of them.
Except for the chapel.
The chapel has different but equally weird keys.

El. Backstrom and El. An You?

El. Backstrom and El. Ortez
Brown William Shatner. Also known as elder Diaz.

El. Backstrom and El. Gonzalez

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