Sunday, September 20, 2015

El. Backstrom goes Mario Karting in real life!

So, here we are, another week in the mission-
and this week with photos.

So, yeah, this week I have included several photos that I have taken last p-day etc. I think there are some pictures of pancakes in there as well.

So, this week has been a tad complicated since my companion was in San Luis doing immigration tramites (also known as procedures in English) and a few other things contributed to us not really having an optimal amount of working time... but this coming week should be a lot better!

Also, my companion came back from San Luis with an eye infection and was in bed for one whole day, so I decided to start reading "Jesus the Christ" and got to about page 150 (It's super incredibly full of so much information that I think it is honestly one of the books that it takes me the longest to read!)

hm, what else to tell?

This week I also studied about offerings and the significance of giving an goodwill offering that it might be accepted.

Immediately after this, we are going to go mario karting in real life apparently.
(yeah, I really have no idea either.)

What things can I tell you about Argentina? The plugs are angled. I included a photo of that I think.

Well, I would love to write more but I really don't know what to include. Please enjoy the photos and be safe in your lives.

Elder Backstrom

Group Photo

Dallin with ice cream!

P-day UNO!

Basketball in a suit?

Angled plug


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