Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Earthquakes! and weekly letters.

This week a 8.4 grade earthquake struck just off the coast of Chile about 240 km north of Santiago, the capital, at about 19hrs (7pm) on the 18th. Here in Mendoza it was felt strongly as well, although nothing fell over. The initial shaking lasted about 3 whole mins and was followed by other smaller repetitions until about 1 in the morning the next day. That was an exciting and not really too startling experience, but apparently the earthquake was so strong that it was felt all the way to Buenos Aires. Only one person died and that was because he was running down the stairs so fast he fell and hit his head and died! ouch. There are no earthquakes in BA, so...

This week I have made a special effort to write a lot more in my journal. It has been a really great experience, since I have also had the opportunity to re-read some of the things that I had previously written, and that was fun. I felt a far greater appreciation for journaling and want to do it more frequently to avoid sort of empty time in the backwards-looking mirror.

I haven't got any photos this week, sorry- the computer is being stubborn anyways- but I do have a fun story.

So this week I went to send two letters. I had previously bought stamps to be able to put the precise amount of payment necessary- 29 ARS$, in the form of two ten peso stamps, two 2 peso stamps,and a five peso stamp- and subsequently the price went up to 36$. (face-palm) so now I have to wait in line to pay the seven extra pesos, right? So I go to send the letters, and the lady says, well, seven pesos each then... And then, instead of printing out a 7$ sticker with the magic sticker machine (Which I know she has because she used it for the postcard that I also sent) she goes to get extra stamps, and not finding place for them on the front of th letter, puts them on the back-but wait- the best is yet to come- instead of puting on one five peso stamp and one two peso stamp, she puts three two peso stamps and one one peso stamp on each letter! it was pretty funny. Also I had never seen the one peso stamp before, it has a little flower on it.

This week we visited a new family- Maxi and Jaqui- Maxi is a member and his girlfriend is not. They are both quite receptive- but I have made a terrible, terrible discovery- both my companion and Maxi are world of warcraft addicts! they started talking at the table, and Jaqui and I were just sort of left there sitting and watching the two super nerds talk in their special language. yeah, world of warcraft is pretty bad, it takes lives... Be glad that I just like Mario, parents...

Anyways, that is this week in the life of elder Backstrom.

Farewell all!

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