Monday, May 12, 2014

To My Fellow Humans

Hello fellow humans;

I excuse myself, I had to write some other letters today so this one might be short. However, I would encourage you all to read Mosiah 14-16, in particular 15:9,22-25. Those scriptures stuck out to me very strongly during study this week. It's a lot of material and some Isaiah prophecy. Very good, kind of doctrine heavy but good.

So this week our numbers of lessons taught and other such things have been rather low- for the third week running, we've been on a declining slope. Not ideal, but keeping in consideration the changing nature of missionary work in Argentina as the country continues to degrade economically, it's not really a surprise. if you take a look at a membership over time graph for the country, in the 1980's, the last major economic collapse, baptisms stopped (missionaries where actually all pulled out) and you can see that same cycle repeating it self, starting around 2001. I have been assigned to labour in some interesting conditions, and all we can really do is continue to be obedient and seek out the people who are searching for the truth.

The good thing is, Elder Ballard of the Quorum of the twelve apostles came to Buenos Aires and offered a Re-Dedicatory prayer over the church in the country of Argentina specifically, in the same place where the dedicatory prayer for missionary work in the South america south region was offered may years previously. If any of you are interested, I believe you can find it on it was a strong spiritual experience for me to hear those revelatory words of strength and guidance read in our sacrament meeting.

On another note, I'm almost done my training period. I find myself much more able to teach and communicate and Spanish, and have gained a much stronger grasp of most of the basic conjugations. I'm going to try additional to improve my form and correctness in the language over then next few months.

Also, Moroni 9: 11-14

Have a most excellent week,
El. Backstrom

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