Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Weekly email from Tres Porteñas

Well hello everybody!

Here we are in Tres Porteñas , San Martin, Mendoza, Argentina! And with bikes! I'm going to get home fit & skinny after all!

What a blessing! we have the matrimonio (senior missionaries) Rogers as our  branch president, and they bring us around in their luxury Peugeot 408 all the time- It's almost like having a car, with private chauffeur! since the area is so huge, it's super duper helpful.

Wow vehicles

I don't even remember anymore. are there Peugeots in Canada? It's a french car brand, and I think I remember having seen some, but maybe not.

In more relevant photos,
there is a cool multi photo panorama, my new companion (elder Puyol), and the Australian (elder Debono,)

Me and my new companion

Me and Elder Debono
 Have a great week everybody!

Oh wait! I need to tell you about the area! Well, look on google maps and find Tres Proteñas. it's in the middle of a lot of vineyards and farms that grow veggies. It is a very very small town, and everyone knows everyone. we have the whole northern area of the San Martin district (I'm not sure if that shows up on google, gut its about 45x80km if my memory and map guessing skills serve me right.

I just did a little square in google maps and it says that my area is  (Approx.) 1200km square.
so it's big.

Anyways, we are teaching some families, I'm still getting to know them, but it appears that a family of six who were already coming out to church when I arrived might be getting baptized this Saturday. So that would be pretty cool.

Have an even better week now that you know more of the life of elder Backstrom!

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