Monday, November 2, 2015

Argentina experiences a second winter!

Sorry, there are few photos this week because it rained last p-day so we did basically nothing. (Due to the big earthquake in Chile, apparently the seasons got pushed back because the ocean currents were affected dramatically or something to that effect- pretty crazy! it's like it's winter again [Argentina winter, which is more like fall])

But on another note it was a great week! quite fantastic to be honest! We had a companion exchange with colonia bombal, a very agricultural area that is one of the few in the mission where we use bikes- it's a place dominated by immigrant families from Bolivia and Peru mostly, lots of people who work in la cosecha (and make a lot of money doing it, too!) they have the biggest trucks of anyone here. A lot of people are racist against them though, because they consider them uneducated or something because they are willing to do that hard work with their hands. Ironically, they have their reward- farm work pays well, and, while the rest of the county suffers economic shrinking pains, they, and their families, are fine.

Hm, we also had a way cool miracle this Sunday- A young lady named Gisela arrived at the chapel after some friends in university invited her. We had no idea that she was going to come, but apparently her friends had given her a Book of Mormon and found out the address of the chapel so that they might invite her to church. One of the bishops' daughters, who has about the same age and is also in university, sat with her in the meetings and they seemed to get along quite smashingly so we planned to meet with her to share our message in the bishops' house on Saturday. Quite the occurance!

​Here is a picture of a mate cup or  matero that I obtained in the supermarket recently. Mate is a traditional herb infusion drink (composed principaly of the mate herb that grows close to the borders of Brasil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, but usually with several other herbal additions depending on the type of  yerba that you buy) that is drunk hot from the matero using a metal bombilla (straw-type thing); the mate is prepared placing the herbs directly in the matero and pouring boiling water onto the pile of yerba that should be about half of the matero. sugar can be used or it can be drunk bitter. the wood used in materos is porous, so that with time, it goes absorbing the flavour of mate and contributing to the flavour of the drink as well.

We're not allowed to drink it while in the mission, so, for home....

Anyways, I hope you all have a great week! later everyone!

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