Wednesday, June 4, 2014

9 days to the world cup

I have a cold STILL and it is super lame. so the mission nurse told me to take 2g of vitamin c every day,and they are these dissolve-in-water tablets that taste super nasty. eurgh. and the other thing is like a tylenol cold pill, which isn't bad.

I'm going to go donate blood tomorrow for the sick mother of one of our investigators. (she has cancer and is like 89 or something, not super unexpected or anything) It's actually a very common thing to do in the mission, because there are big blood shortages here.

hmm, what else? Oh yeah. there a bakeries everywhere here, that are super cheap, and they sell delicious baked goods, and I purchase them frequently for breakfast and supper, and it makes me fat. ah well. delicious.

Additionally, 9 days until the world cup. Aw yeah.
However Argentina an Brasil will not play each-other unless both make it either to the final, which is unlikely. But that would be a game to see. (Brasil would crush Argentina, Messi is good and all, but he doesn't have his team to back him up is what everyone says)

On a more spiritual note, over the past three days, I read the entire gospel of John, and was impressed by the number of times the word love occurs, especially in reference to Christ. While many of his teachings,such as the sermon on the mount and all of his parables are missing from john's account of his life and ministry, the gospel of john does an excellent job of illustrating who each of Christ's actions where motivated by the love he has for all men.
I was particularly impressed by chapter 15, which is an account of certain things Jesus said to his disciples at the last supper.

anyhow, that's about all I had to talk about today.
Hope everyone has a good week,
and listens to lots of smooth, smooth jazz,

El. Backstrom

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