Monday, June 23, 2014

Everything is New!

So, what's new?

New area! (San Martin 1 A. San martin is located in mendoza province, about 1 hour from the capital. or less if you do 140, which we did in a puegeot 505 from 1970 on the way out. Argentina life.)

New companion!

​Elder Ortez is his name. He is from Honduras! He is super cool

New pench!

From left to right, yours truly, elder Trelease from Utah, elder Torres from Paraguay and Elder Ortez from Honduras.

More pictures!

Elder Backstrom and Elder Ortez

Elder Backstrom and Elder Torres

Elder Backstrom and Elder Trelease


Saying Goodbye to San Juan

Familia Diaz. Juana, Ruth and Juan. Ana is missing, only Juana is a member, she is a recent convert. We helped Juan add a second story to his house.
Familia Maldonado

Familia Malki (Hno. Malki is branch president) 

The district, as well as our zone leaders: (left to right) Hna. Reyes, Hna. Sorenson, Hna. Guavera,
 (above) Hna. Norr, Elder Bair, Elder Backstrom, Elder Valencia & Elder Ventimilla

That's it for the pictures for now.

My scripture highlight this week is the book of first Nephi. It's frequently where we request our investigators start reading in the Book of Moromon (seeing as it's the beginning) And so I decided to read through it this week, trying to find things I could use to teach out of the begging of the book, where there a slightly less confusing names to keep track of. There is a reason first nephi comes before all the other books: It is rich with simply explained doctrine and easy to understand but also deep parables, stories and visions.
Particularly, Lehi's vision of the tree of life in first Nephi 8 stuck out to me. It's one of the best summations, or explanations, of the work of salvation that we find in scripture. I would invite you all to pass over it today.

Anyways, have a good one. Everyone, you should all know that there is a new zelda game and I'm excited for it since it should come out just after I get home. Everyone freaks out when Argentina wins but people in San Martin are less excited about the world cup than in San Juan,

El. Backstrom

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