Monday, June 9, 2014

Advice on preparing for a mission

Hello my good fellow people.

first of all, I have bronchitis. And have had it for like three weeks or so. I am now taking an antibiotic to kill it out of my lungs. Good.
Dallin with his lungs!
Dallin's Bad Lungs!

Otherwise the week has been mostly as normal, except of course, the days I was constrained to my bed, when we did not leave. the surgery for the mother of Juan went well. I was, evidently, not able to donate blood due to the fact that I was sick. They told me that 21% of the blood cells in the sample they took where white, which is very high. I also learned that I am A+ type, but I really don't know what that means.

Currently as a mission we are doing a thing with our ALB, which is the key indicator for street contacting. Basically The mission president has asked all of us to do 10 street contacts every day as a companionship, 5 each, in order to find more news and obtain more references e&c. It's something that I find to be rather hard, since I have difficulty know what to say to begin a conversation with people. Mostly we just offer people a pass-along card with a picture of Jesus and go, "Hey, can we give you a picture of Jesus?" and then if they take it and run away, so be it. Some people listen though, maybe half of the people we talk to every day. Which is actually a lot harder, because then I have to think about the things I'm going to say.

I'll probably leave this area in this next week that is coming. I've spent almost a quarter of my mission here. it will be interesting to see another part of the mission (I'll probably go inside of Mendoza province). I hope I get another Spanish-speaking companion, my Spanish has improved dramatically since I started working with elder veintimilla.

Speaking of almost a quarter of my mission, next week will be my 1/4 email. I'll probably wax philosophically about the meaning of life and bread products.

On my scripture-study highlight, this week I was particularly impressed by the fifth chapter of Jacob, and several of the cross-references to doctrine and covenants, especially D&C 33. They are bout large blocks of scripture, so i'll leave you to read them on your own if you so desire.

and something more:
at mothers day, my father asked what I thought was important for someone who was preparing to go on a mission. I never properly answered that, so, I'll do it here, because some of you are preparing for missions & it might be cool but if it does not interest you, you need not read it.

-Know what a mission is. Be familiar with the purpose of missionaries as stated in the first page of Preach my Gospel. Read all of the first chapter of PMG, and, time and motivation permitting, study the accompanying scriptures and complete the study activities. If you so wish, you might memorize the missionary purpose word for word. This will help you have a clearer understanding of exactly what is expected of missionaries, what going on a mission even means, and why missions are so important.

-Go to Seminary. I know that before I left on my mission I did not have tons of motivation top study scriptures on a daily basis, but seminary attendance will grant not only a strong foundation knowledge of key doctrines, but also provides a well structured study routine that helps you learn how to study well. also seminary teachers are usually super cool and have lots of wisdom to laser into your minds.
Wisdom lasers

Those would be my top two pieces of advice. Also, stay classy, Read Moroni 10 regularly and take advantage of the cause-effect promise in verses 3-5, and gain a testimony,

El.Backstrom out.

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