Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Privileged Missionary

Hello everyone, Elder Backstrom here.

This was a good week that I had this past week. I made a roast, visited many people including a new family we found (Carina & Gabriel) and generally was happy with the things we were able to accomplish.
Cooking a roast
Sunset in San Martin
However, like many other weeks in the mission, this week was also bland. I did reach seven months, total, since the day I arrived in Buenos Aires- Which is a good deal. I purchased a new tie that was on sale for very cheap at the grocery store. I also bought socks, which, excuse me, were more expensive per pair than the tie. What sort of world is this.

Jokes, jokes! I really am a privileged missionary. Not in the way that we have ipads, or cars, or even washing machines. We have none of the aforementioned things. I am fine without the first two, but I would appreciate having a washing machine, seeing as (ahh what do you call those locations with coin washing... uh, laundromats. that's it. those.) are not a thing that exists due to high install rates of semi-automatic washing machines. What can I do?  But, the food is excellent, the language is not too hard, and the climate is downright pleasant (for now, anyways, in the dead of winter, when it's like 10 degrees outside most of the time).

Good. To be honest I don't have tons and tons to discourse about today. So to avoid the eventuality of me rambling on about nothing I'm going to try one more time to upload some pictures then send this off.
Ah! wait. Scripture of the week!

Isaiah 43:11:

I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me there is no Saviour.

Simple, but a powerful verse that I found while studying by topic this week.

(Speaking of which. Actually this is off topic but Preach my Gospel has great suggestions in chapter two to deepen your scripture study. So. Good.)
Showing off his true colours!

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