Monday, July 14, 2014

Good Day Comrades!

I have bad news first. I was not able to send pictures today due to the fact that both of the USB plugs on the computer I am using are broken.

However, I have had another fine week here in San Martin. Argentina won both of their games 1 to 0, but sadly fewer people than would please me are paying attention to the World Cup, so I am mad low on news all the time.

We have a new pair of investigators in our area. their names are Jole (actually a less active member) and Antonela (the girlfriend of Jole). They are both super cool, and Antonela has very good questions. However they attend church in another ward and we are only teaching them because it is more convenient for them to meet in our chapel (because Jole owns a small electronics shop in our area that they both work at so for the convenience of everyone we meet at our chapel).

Hm, other interesting things? over the past two weeks, we ate 6 kg or potatoes because I have discovered that they are just as cheap here as in Canada, and also that they are a thing I know how to cook in multiple ways, rather easily. Very good. Also, various bread products.

I have begun writing in my journal more. Which is good. It still costs me to write each day, but, I am trying better.

In terms of something slightly more spiritual, I have been going through fist Nephi again this week (Got a new, less bricky triple to replace the 2 kg hardcover block they gave me in the MTC, and so I have to mark many things in it) And I enjoyed reading again through the sermon Nephi delivers to his brothers in chapter 17.

Everyone have a good week, shoot for the stars, and use old spice fragrances,

El. Backstrom

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