Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Short is the new Black!

So! Here in the world of Argentina I am still.

This week was a little harder. Even though we were very busy we did not teach any lessons to investigators. Still, we were able to bring a young less active out to church this Sunday, which in my eyes is a great success, because this ward has really struggled to hold on to it's young people and almost all of the ward leaders have been working as leaders for 20 or more years and are very tired. Our elder's quorum president  is someone who recently reactivated about 3 months ago and everyone loves him and he is working very hard; we are hoping that we can help the same thing happen with some of the other younger less active members.

This week in my gospel study I started reading the Doctrine and Covenants, studying it rapidly to try and identify patterns in the revelations that will help me to better understand the nature of God. It's been very interesting, and I have found a lot of motivational scriptures.

Unfortunately I left the epistle till last today, so I will have to wrap up shortly (sorry to everyone I didn't get to write to personally.) So have a good week all,

El. Backstrom

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