Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fun P-day Pics!

Well hello folks.

Welcome to this week's weekly letter. Pictures included!

We had a p-day in the chapel as a district today, playing Frisbee.
The whole district, serious faces. well, the Elders are making serious faces.

Goofy faces!

More goofy faces.

Civilized people.

left to right, top row: Hna. Larios, Hna. Jacinto, Hna. Harris, Hna. Rodriguez
Bottom row: El. Evans, el. Pinero, El. Inca, El. Backstrom

A group photo

Me with each member of the district;

El. Pinero,

El. Evans,

Hna. Rodriguez,

Hna. Jacinto,

Hna. Larios,

Hna. Harris,

And Elder Inca.

And there you go! a few pictures of a fun p-day.

Alright. So, it's gotten really hot. I've had a little trouble sleeping at night due to that. we've had a week with a bit of difficulty finding people at home so it's been a couple of empty days in the beating sun- but at least there is wind here. My study this week has been centered in the gospel of Matthew, and I studied several times the sermon on the mount- it is fascinating how applicable the teachings therein still are. 

Alright, sorry it's short, I have to go, lots of love,

El. Backstrom

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