Monday, May 12, 2014

Week Two in the Field

Okay and another highly anticipated, fun-filled weekly update, from the computers of urban cyber, san lucia, san juan, at the hand of your fellow servant Elder Backstrom!

Well, this week my update will actually be fun filled. Over the last three days, San Juan saw a rainstorm more intense than any in the past 22 years. Many poorly constructed houses, not built to withstand more than a light sprinkling of rain, collapsed entirely or had partial cave-ins or leaks. Then next week or so will be full of service activities for us (which is a great opportunity to share the word.) Unfortunately almost 2 600 people had been forced from there homes last time our neighbors got a newspaper, and that number has probably risen (oh yeah by the way mom elder spice has his mother send him interesting news articles by email. so long as I don't go a buscaring news... although, I'm not sure I even want to know what's going on...). That, coupled with the ongoing currency crisis, has led to rioting in the streets, cutting of main avenues of travel with burning tires and palm leaves. More or less we get to watch a country collapsing from the inside... it's an interesting perspective (oh yeah. the government has started blocking all websites that distribute information about the black-market value of the dollar.) So that's fun!

In other, more spiritual news, on of our investigators, who has some rather serious substance problems, made it out to church this past sunday. We are in the process of helping him to create an addiction recovery plan, and it's really cool to see the way that he's progressing. We also have a lot of former investigators and references to contact, as well as people to check up on and help after the rain... we're not bored, that's for sure.

In answer to your questions, mother, I actually need to drink more carbonated beverages, especially orange ones, due to the amount of sick that we have been getting. yes. well. I will not go into detail on that one. I haven't gotten my camera from the mission office (I also appear to have dropped my triple a-batteries and an extra bar of soap at the same time) but hopefully when we go back to Mendoza for visa stuff the AP's or someone will have found it and I can grab it.

In terms of food, I have more or less arrived at the conclusion that I lucked out super hard coming to argentina. I have yet to eat food that is bad. the style is definitely different, and they eat bread with everything and there is this strange mix of italian food and beef culture. Empanadas are delicious, the desserts are really quite unique, and the only thing I find myself really missing is spicy flavours. But it's okay, there are plenty of other things to try.

all the cars here, or not all of them but probably half or more, run on natural gas. It's super weird, super cheap, and apparently makes engine maintenance a lot easier (less moving parts because the fuel is pressurized means less things can break means that the 60 year old beater is still on the road). It's always stored in these yellow cylindrical tanks that look like something out of a videogame. the downside, as far as i can tell, is that it doesn't get you as far because it's a less complex hydrocarbon and it has a tendency to explode if treated poorly. (everyone gets out of the car when they refuel them) All the trucks are also small and european. It honestly feels like a poorer part of europe, which is weird but not that weird because everyone is italian.

Moving back to more spiritual matters, I've been doing some study in ezekiel recently and it's super fun. Favorite scripture of the week is in second nephi, chapter 33 verses 11-15. 

alright, all ye people, have good weeks. if there's a military coup let me know.

Oh yeah, I got stamps, so I'm going to send the physical letters I wrote in the MTC out this week. Yay fun argentine international stamps

El. Backstrom

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