Monday, August 3, 2015

Edmonton Buses in Mendoza CIty?

So! it's been a good week for me here in Mendoza. I'm sorry I'm not going to write tons because I spent a good amount of time writing important particular emails but I will compensate with PICTURES!

Okay to my father in particular: there are these trolleybuses in Mendoza that are way old and they have a little ticket that says Flyer bus company Winnipeg 1960 or something like that and everyone says that they are imported from Canada (used) like ten years ago or so which makes sense because they have little signs in English and French which are not Argentina languages (photo included)

but see I was wondering, are they from Edmonton? because of a certain tell-tale no boom-box no food no smoking sign right up front that is identical to the ETS signs. So, if you recognize theses buses...

here I am in Kingo with elder Jacobsen and elder Fernandez and my companion and Fernanda who is a recent convert from another area in Mendoza that my companion was in previously, on p-day.

Good lookin'


Okay so everyone we did lots of service projects this week which was good including cutting tree branches and digging a septic pit. Service is way good because it helps you gain confidence with people who would otherwise not ever listen to you (like the less active but way less active guy from the septic pit project)

So have a great week everybody,
Elder Backstrom

Note: Dallin's Dad looked up where the buses in Mendoza city were from in Canada and they are actually from Vancouver (sold to Mendoza in about 2005). Edmonton did sell some of it's buses back in about 1985 to Mexico city!

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