Monday, May 12, 2014

New Years in the CCM

There are four couples who work as cooks at the CCM, ion addition to the head chef, who is the Peruvian. The food is delicious and plentiful, which is not necessarily good because we do a lot of sitting and not much else; but hey, I think I can afford to gain a little weight. We indeed have cold cereal here, every single morning- but there are some other things that are different! There is this milk-armel spread that they put in EVERYTHING- elder ford dislikes it, but I enjoy it very much- called duché de leché (pronounced doolsey dey letchey). they also have drinkable yogurt and occasionally croissants for breakfast. other meals are mostly meat, done up in fancy ways. So much meat.

The killer devil birds are called "tédos!" in Spanish. they are frightening. the wildlife here is... very different. yesterday I was outside and saw a flock of parrots. Bright green parrots. Thank you for sending the cord for my camera, I did check in my bags but it was not in the pocket. I can continue to borrow one for the moment, though. At some point in the future, I will need to obtain US stamps, since the pouch system lets out in SLC. Speaking of which, you may want to find out how it works, because apparently it is better than regular mail.

We are always in classes with our district, which is five americanos. in our rooms we have latinos. there are now two other English and three other Latin districts again. There is one brazilian in the CCM right now (Elder leira, who is in my room) learning Spanish from Portuguese, but he is only here for the two weeks that native speakers get.

That was un-called for. (refering to that picture you sent me. Also mocking me with a beautiful finished kitchen.)

I'm glad that Ceris and her friends had a good time! it looks fairly ridiculous, and it's nice to get pictures from home. (Oh, maybe Dallin is home from work... not quite  )

I think I've answered all the questions you asked me. Now a little update on my life!

This last Saturday we went proceliting for the first time and I got an altogether wicked sunburn. The heat and humidity where oppressive. We started off the day confused and slightly lost, but shortly encountered a kind older catholic lady who welcomed us to the country in rapid Spanish and, with the help of much gesturing, explained that she was a writing teacher and her husband a concert violinist currently playing with an orchestra in Canada. Although she was uninterested, she expressed how grateful she was that we had left our homes to spread the message of Christ, which was a significant boost to our spirits.

Over the next three hours, however, we had no success trying to contact people on the street. our peppy "Hola, buen dia!"'s became tired and lackluster, until we eventually sat down on a couple benches in a little park. I practiced my Spanish while Elder Ford and Elder Harris read scriptures. Elder Harris found and read section 75 of the doctrine and covenants, which considerably lifted his spirits (and gave us all a good laugh at verses 22 & 23). He suggested that we try to contact some more, and, Elder Ford, seeing a gentleman sweeping his driveway, proposed that we talk to him. It just so happened that the man, Whose name was Walter, was quite interested in what we had to say and accepted a joseph smith pamphlet as well as giving us his number so that the local missionaries could come and talk with him & his family.

Shortly after that we sat down in another small green space to eat and a man, Davio, came over and started talking to us. He accepted the book of Mormon we offered to him and even requested that we sign our names inside. He assured us he would read it that very night.

The lord works in mysterious ways, but I think the lesson here was pretty clear. we had to humble ourselves and make way for the spirit before we had the chance to talk to the people the lord had prepared to hear our message that day.

The temple here is beautiful and we are able to go each week on p-day. It is a little confusing to do everything in Spanish, although I am understanding better each day. the temple is on the same "campus" as the CCM building- right now I can see it out the window of the computer lab.

I hope you are all doing well. Ceris, you should memorize more scriptures; or just spend an hour every day reading your scriptures like I do. you asked for me to call you out.

I am going to write a "proper" letter home at some point and you can expect it to be long and filled with the many things that I want to say to you that I don't have time to write at the moment.

Have peace and do not cast out missionaries from before your doorstep for they shall depart speedily from your house, and leave a curse upon it, and at the last days be the judges of your house, and condemn you. (D&C 75)
-El. Backstrom

(Just kidding. I, and I think most other missionaries, don't plan on condemning anyone.)

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